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Many people don't take enough time and consideration when packing their belongings for self storage.  Whether you need storage space for the short term or long term time, special attention should be paid on not only how you pack your belongings but what materials you use to do so. 
Self Storage Tips

1. It is best to use bubble wrap (or bath/hand towels) instead of newspaper when packing valuables.  Newspaper attracts mice and can "bleed" onto your dishes and other fragile items

2. Use protective covers on items like mattresses and furniture to protect from scratching; store mattresses flat to help keep their shape

3. Be sure to label all boxes on tops and sides so you can easily find what is needed if you have to search your unit; this applies to business files and paperwork as well

4. Do not store food or perishables as this will attract insects and rodents

5. Remember that storing combustible items is never a good idea as the item may explode and ruin your other items

6. When storing heirlooms or any delicate item, you will want to consider storing the item in a Rubbermaid tub to further protect your item from any possible damage.  However, realize that any time you store items, the air can yellow fabrics or rust can set in.

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Tips on Packing